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Welcome to my blog! I'm Nicole, and I love all things fashion. My goal is to find a marriage between high style and a low budget. I aim to look great but keep things affordable so that I can live my best life while saving my pennies. Here I will show you how to do both! Follow along, wont you!?

Welcome! First Post!

Welcome! First Post!

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Welcome to my first blog post EVER! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but was too scared to take the risk. Finally I decided no better time than the present. I will be posting frequently so make sure to subscribe!

My first post is a dress I absolutely adore. I love anything with patterns and color, especially floral. I always love buying floral because it never goes out of style. Being spring -- it fits right into the season!!  Although I believe it can be worn all seasons if done fashionably.

I also love this dress because it fits so effortlessly into the background scenery of the photo. The blues of the ocean and the rusts of the terra cotta Mediterranean houses complement the orange and blue hues of the dress. The dress also has a very retro vibe and anything that can flatter your body will make you feel great.

I consider myself a mix of petite and curvy, so I usually have a hard time finding dresses that really hug my body in all the right places. Well this dress did just that! It is definitely one of my new closet favorites!

Keep following for more new looks!!!! Ciao!

Dress: Asos / Heels: Bamboo / Watch: Michael Kors

Off the shoulder...

Off the shoulder...