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Welcome to my blog! I'm Nicole, and I love all things fashion. My goal is to find a marriage between high style and a low budget. I aim to look great but keep things affordable so that I can live my best life while saving my pennies. Here I will show you how to do both! Follow along, wont you!?

Feeling Fierce..... 11/20/17

Feeling Fierce..... 11/20/17

Sweater: old, favorites linked below :) // Skirt:   Boohoo   // Boots:   CR   // Backpack:   F21

Sweater: old, favorites linked below :) // Skirt: Boohoo // Boots: CR // Backpack: F21

Although my oversized sweater is not available, I've linked some of my current favorites below:

1. Asos

2. Lost Ink

3. Guess

4. Asos

5. Ann Taylor

6. Shein

7. Yes Style   This one is a little more giraffe in my opinion- but hey!

  It’s Monday and you know what? I AM feeling fierce for the week ahead! Heading to a fall wonderland tomorrow and then it's Thanksgiving with family and friends! My favorite holiday because food. Duh. Also looking forward to scoring some amazing black Friday deals! If anyone has any recommendations I would love to know! I will be posting what I find on my insta stories all week long so make sure you check frequently so you can score some deals with me too!

  Exciting things to come and I feel like kicking butts and taking names in this oversized leopard sweater. The red lip leaves me feeling even more fierce, dare I even say ferocious! I’ve linked so many goodies above that I’m now playing with the thought of having more than one leopard sweater in my closet. If this one is oversized, then surely I need a normal size too right? Tee Hee.

  Anyways lovelies, I hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving/Black Friday/holiday week! And let me just leave you with what I am most thankful for this year: YOU ALL! Thanks for the continued support. It really does mean the most to me.

You’ll see me around these parts soon!




Camo Green & Yellow Boots..... 11/27/17

Camo Green & Yellow Boots..... 11/27/17

White Frills...... 11/17/17

White Frills...... 11/17/17