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Welcome to my blog! I'm Nicole, and I love all things fashion. My goal is to find a marriage between high style and a low budget. I aim to look great but keep things affordable so that I can live my best life while saving my pennies. Here I will show you how to do both! Follow along, wont you!?

Booties You NEED for Fall/Winter!..... 11/06/17

Booties You NEED for Fall/Winter!..... 11/06/17

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   'Tis the season for boots and I’ve got soooooo many on my wish list! I want them all but my closet and wallet are telling me NO! So I thought I'd share my favorites from my wish list with you! I am hoping maybe some of these will appear under my tree this Christmas (hint, hint family!). Hope you guys enjoy these picks and maybe even pick one for yourselves! I already have the leopard flat boots and they are super comfy. My next purchase will be the fur mule boots! I think these will be perfect for keeping my toesies warm but my feet fashionable.

Have a great day everybody!

~ Nicole

Here are the links for all these great boots!!!

1. Edit Lifewear Simply Chic Block Bootie

2. Shein Faux Fur Block Heel Boot

3. Nine West Scastien Slouch Boot

4. Nine West Savitra Pointy Toe Boot

5. Old Navy Sueded Chelsea Boot

6. Nine West Anna Fabric Boot

7. A New Day Nala Platform Boot 

8. CR Lucite Heel Boot

Fun in the Fall Sun...... 11/07/17

Fun in the Fall Sun...... 11/07/17

Blue w/ Orange Accents...... 10/29/17

Blue w/ Orange Accents...... 10/29/17