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All the Berries.... 08/31/18

All the Berries.... 08/31/18

Dress: similar   here   // Belt: similar   here   // Shoes: similar   here   // Hat: similar   here   // Sunnies: similar   here

Dress: similar here // Belt: similar here // Shoes: similar here // Hat: similar here // Sunnies: similar here

   Wow! I can not believe that it is already the end of August and Labor Day weekend is here! The time is just flying by so fast lately it seems! Meaning, I need to make the most of my time while I can! Berry picking is something I have always wanted to do, with the end game being to make a scrumptious pie! Unfortunately my family got to the berries first, so pie making will have to wait until next summer season! I feel like a good cherry pie or blueberry crumble just screams SUMMER to me! How about you? What is your favorite summer fruit?

   This had to be the most perfect day to go berry picking because we arrived to the Underwood Family Farms in Somis, CA in the late afternoon with the intention of being there around 1pm. But of course you never know what you're going to get with the crazy Los Angeles traffic. Our 3pm arrival was actually ideal! We were the only ones in the field so we got to wander endlessly and pick all of the best berries we could get our hands on! I felt really lucky! Lately when I go out in the late afternoons, the things I have been choosing to do, whether it be sipping coffee at a local cafe or going exploring and berry picking, it seems like I am the only one there. Is it me? Something I said? I mean I'm not complaining because who doesn't want to get a whole place to themselves every once in awhile, especially when living in busy LA?

   An easy breezy linen dress was definitely the way to go for berry picking. Just be careful because those juicy berries will stain! I got a few spots on my one of a kind button down linen dress that I picked up while in Italy during the end of Spring. No Tide pen can save me now! That's okay though, it'll just remind me of all the yummy berries I devoured! Next time I go berry picking I will need to dress a little bit more garden savvy for the occasion. I'm talking overalls, hunter rain boots, and the big straw hats with the string that goes under your chin! It was really hot so a hat and sunglasses are a must! Don't forget your SPF as well, especially if you've got ghostly skin like myself! Below I have linked some of the best linen dresses out there this season! You can never go wrong with one of these lovelies in your closet and on a hot sticky summer day, there is no better outfit choice!

   What is everyone up to this holiday weekend? I'd love to know! Comment below or on my IG post. I have no fun plans as of yet but I'm hoping something will pop up. I'm dying to go swimming, so I might just have to search through my contacts and hit up my long lost cousin Becky with the pool AND the good hair.

  Have the best holiday weekend and stay safe friends!

Love to all!


~ NIcole

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